Horwath HTL Hotel Valuation Services

From single assets in domestic markets to cross-border portfolios spread across several countries, Horwath HTL’s Hotel Valuation experts have the breadthof experience and the resources of 50 local offices worldwide to provide informed and objective valuation advice.

We have experts with RICS and MAI accreditation who have been working in these markets for many years and who bring their full knowledge to bear on every valuation they work on.

Hospitality assets, such as hotels and resorts, are complex real estate types, with significant land use value depending on their operational performance. Their performance is susceptible to greater market fluctuations, location issues, management sophistication and high capital investment than other real estate classes such as office or retail. Because of this, the valuation of hospitality assets requires a special market understanding and product expertise.

Today, Horwath HTL is the leading industry expert retained by major hotel owners, lenders and operators to optimize their investment returns.

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